2019 Cruiser Events

Saturday 24-08-2019 Cruiser2019#: Cruise to Brightlingsea Contact: Ted Lewis Cox HW: 06:33 HT: 4.8 Start Line: LSC
Saturday 07-09-2019 Cruiser2019#: InterClub Challenge HW: 07:08 HT: 4.9 Start Line: BYC
Saturday 21-09-2019 Cruiser2019#: CCS Queenborough Race HW: 05:11 HT: 5.1 Start Line: BYC

The cruiser class is made up of craft that adapt well to drying our moorings and shoal waters. Primarily of bilge keel yachts and multihulls, there are also centre-boarder and lee-board craft.

Cruiser Racing: Together with is held together with other clubs in the area as part of the Combined Clubs Series and Southend Interclub. The races include four local port to port events and racing in the estuary.

Cruising in company is also arranged throughout the season. Events range from tidal sailing, creek crawling, local coastal and foreign voyages.

Visit the events page to see what we have planned for this season. Keep an eye on the club notice board or visit the club on a Friday evening for details on tidal sailing over the weekend.

Click here to download this years cruiser programme

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