2018 Cruiser Events

Saturday 18-08-2018 Cruiser: Around the Swale? HW: 06:16 HT: 5.31 Start Line: TBC
Saturday 25-08-2018 Cruiser: Burnham YH Hosted by Ted Lewis-Cox HW: 13:00 HT: 5.48 Start Line: TBA
Sunday 09-09-2018 Cruiser: Leigh Regatta HW: 13:04 HT: 5.86 Start Line: TBA
Sunday 16-09-2018 Cruiser: Interclub Cruiser Challenge and Team Race HW: 05:32 HT: 5.26 Start Line: TBA
Saturday 22-09-2018 Cruiser: Queenborough Race (org by BYC) With end of season buffet HW: 11:50 HT: 5.23 Start Line: TBA
Saturday 06-10-2018 Cruiser: TBC Start Line: TBC

The cruiser section of the club includes modern and classic boats. We have primarily centre-board, lee-board or bilge keel yachts, to suit the local shoal waters. Multihulls are also popular and well suited to the area. Racing is held together with other clubs in the area as part of Southend Interclub. Other events include local and foreign voyages, including evening beach barbecues with the club dinghy sailors.

If you would like to more information then please contact us on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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