Following the government announcement of September 22nd, the following changes are being made to our opening hours and operating methods:

  • The bar will open on Friday evenings at 19:30 with last orders at 21:30. All members must have left the club by 22:00.
  • Bar service will be at your table, members and guests are to order drinks from their seats.  These will be brought to you by the bar staff.
  • Whilst in the clubhouse, masks are to be worn unless you are seated at your table.
  • The bar staff will fulfil our legal requirements for registration via manual means although we will have also registered with the NHS Track & Trace system.  The QR code for the latter will be displayed in the bar area.

Following the government announcements of September 9th, the club has reviewed our policies to ensure that we continue to comply with and be seen to comply with these laws.  Please note the following changes and updates:

Balcony; a maximum of six people are to use the chairs on the balcony. No one shall stand on the balcony except those walking through to the stairs.

Lower Balcony; a maximum of six people.

Birdcage seating; a maximum of two groups, each having no more than six people.  The groups are to be obviously separated.  Please remain seated to avoid unintentional mingling.

Bar inside seating; our current policy is compliant with the updated requirements.

Casual sailing; no more than six people shall meet for casual sailing. If there is more than one six-person group on the racks, please ensure that obvious distance is maintained between the groups, e.g. greater than 5m meters.

Racing; organised sport is permitted and thus racing can continue at this time.  Our current risk assessment is compatible with the updated laws but on-shore, please pay particular attention to avoiding being in a position that could be construed as a constituting a group of seven or more.

Please continue to maintain vigilance with hygiene measures and social distancing. If you are talking to another non family-group member remember to be at least 1 meters apart and preferably 2 meters.

The Sailing Committees LSC & EYC have agreed the following race programme for Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th September 2020.

Saturday 19th September

The Peter Cotgrove Trophy Race – start at 12:45 from the EYC start line course to be advised.


Sunday 20th September 2020

LSC v EYC club team race – an all-in handicap race for members of both clubs, starting at 13:30 from the EYC start line with course to be advised.  The winning club will be decided by taking the scores for the first 8 boats from each club based on the corrected time positions in the race, the club with the lowest aggregate score being the winning team.

Hope that as many of you as possible are able to take part in these races


Change to Racing Marks

The SOUTH mark will be laid due south of Jocelyn mark north of the Ray Channel

This will enable us to set better courses when the wind is due north or south while maintaining our conservative approach to sailing under the Covid19 situation.


Thanks Steve Corbet

Sailing Secretary

The cruiser lift out has been arranged for Saturday 17 October with Sunday 18 October as the back stop in the event of bad weather. We will be starting around 10.30am as high tide is at 13.30. Unfortunately, it will be necessary to close the promenade for parking until all craning operations have finished which will probably be around mid afternoon. Any enquires please contact David Giles.

As the bar starts to get busier members are reminded to book if they wish to be sure of a place. Please go to and request to join the “Leigh-on-Sea Sailing Club” group.

The system settings have been changed such that you will be able to see who else has booked a table and vice versa.

The slipway has been repaired but underlying structural issues will require attention over the winter months. In the meantime the slipway can be used but please take care.

Update for members visiting the bar.

Please arrive at the club either through the birdcage or from the ramp along the platform. Sanitise hands from the dispenser outside the door before touching the door. Preferably follow the one-way system up the inside stairs to access the bar, leaving the bar by the outside stairs down from the balcony. If moving counter to the one-way system do not pass people on the stairs and maintain 1m+ distancing. The stair lift is still available.

You may have to queue for the order point of the bar to be served. Please observe 1m+ distancing, then order and pay using a contactless card. Bar staff will note down names of your group for contact tracing. Move 2m to the left to collect drinks from collection point.

Take your seat with your household/ bubble at your table without moving placement of any table. Chairs may be moved but the distance must be observed from those at other tables in the upper saloon. Some tables have 1m+ and others 2m distance. No one is to remain standing at the bar or elsewhere inside. Places are also available on the balcony, and there is overspill area in the birdcage (good weather) and lower saloon (poor weather). Please do not close windows, as open windows are an essential control measure allowing 1m+ spacing

Enjoy being back in the club! But please no singing or shouting due to aerosol transmission. Do not be afraid to ask another member ‘to keep their distance’, but always do so politely
Bring empty glasses, bottles and cans to the ‘empties tables’ at the end of the bar, and on the balcony.

Sanitise hands outside toilets before entering and wash hands for 20 seconds before you leave the toilets. Men - follow one way system, leaving by the changing rooms (which aren’t in use). Ladies – if both cubicles are in use wait outside on the platform. If returning to the bar go up the interior platform stairs.

Before leaving the club please tell bar staff you are leaving, and wipe clean the table before others use it.

If you visit the club, it will be taken as agreed you will follow these guidelines and will have read the risk assessment on the website. We depend on the cooperation of those that visit the club to observe and adhere to risk assessment in order that the clubhouse can remain open. The number of people will be restricted. Members only, no guests. To avoid disappointment book places in the bar on Shlott :: Free online booking calendar and group management system. Join the group called Leigh-on-Sea Sailing Club. Sign up and book your table. Bar staff can book you in on arrival if places are available.

Please also note that due to the circumstances all measures remain under review. Rear Commodore, Robin Tothill and Vice Commodore, Steve Hill are leading on these changes to Covid safety in the clubhouse, kindly contact them as needed.