The club has a number of sailing dinghies for member's use.  Non members can accompany members on these craft, but for insurance reasons, a member must be aboard.  Currently there is no charge for the use of these boats.  We do ask that you treat them with care, and if you are able, make good any damage. 


They may be sailed or raced by any full adult member excluding social members. Cadets may sail the boat during organised club cadet sailing with a dedicated support boat. Experienced cadets may join in club races but only if agreed with the support boat crew for that day. Club third party insurance covers up to ten boats on the water at any time, do not exceed this number.

To book please sign up to the club booking system at Set up a free account and then search for the group “Leigh-on-Sea Sailing Club” and request membership. While the COVID-19 pandemic continues, please book for three days in order to give 72 hours between use by different family groups. Please also make yourself familiar with the sailing risk assessments that can be found on the policy page of this website.  Please read the independent-sailing information on the website.

Before sailing any club boats for the first time, contact the bosun for that boat to learn about any unique rigging aspects. After use, a report on the condition of the boat MUST be sent to the bosun. Contact can be by any means.  The bosun names can be found on the online booking system.

The Toppers are ideal for lighter sailors and cadets, but can also be sailed by larger people. These are used for cadet sailing and the club match racing event. They are also available for casual use and racing when not being used by the cadets.

The Enterprise is intended for two people though it will easily accommodate three. Suitable for all abilities and ages, the boat can be used for casual sailing or for club racing. A four metre long sailing dinghy with easily recognisable, light blue sails.

The Topaz is ideal for a heavier helm or an adult / child combination.

The Wanderer dinghy could be described as a small Wayfarer and is ideal for tuition. The Wanderer can only be borrowed by experienced dinghy sailors with the permission of the bosun for the boat.

The Feva is intended for two younger sailors but could be sailed with a small adult and child.