We have now finalized the 2022 Sailing Programme – racing starts on Saturday 2nd April.

VIP – If you are UNABLE to attend for any duty allocated to you it is YOUR responsibility to find a replacement or arrange a swap

We have allocated Race Officer duties for all the races which are to be started by LSC.

We have allocated duties for helming the Support Boat – Jubilee as the primary boat for duties from the start of the season to the end of June – further allocations for July to December will be made once we see how the rota and support crews functions in the early part of the season.

We would particularly welcome any cruiser members with spare time to help with helming the support boats - Jubillee

We have only allocated names for the helm – there are others who have said they are willing to help as the crew for the support boat and also to be trained to take duties later in the year as the helm. If your name is NOT on the rota, would you PLEASE contact me with any dates that you would be able to go out as the support boat crew or for helm training. OR simply turn up at the club dressed to go on the water about 1 hour before the start of racing and if there is space in the boat we will try to get you on board.


Thank you Steve Corbet, Steve Hill and Robin Tothill


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