As the COVID restrictions are being lifted and the incidence of COVID infections are reducing rapidly in joint agreement with the Essex YC Sailing Committee the following section of the Sailing Risk Assessment will be deleted this week to allow the Turnidge River Race and the EYC River Race to be sailed around marks which are south of the Ray. The actual course to be sailed will be decided on Saturday morning to suit the actual wind direction and strength.


Steve Corbet #SailingSecretary

Deleted text:

Race Management Regular LSC courses around fixed marks shall be used as these require the least intervention on race days. The Race Officer shall set courses that are north of the Ray and appropriate for the wind speed (max 14 knots) and wind direction. In addition, take into consideration the temperature, wind chill, sea temperature and any other boating activity in the area. As a guide the maximum race time shall be approximately 2.5 hours and the support boat cover ratio 1:20 approx. If possible, the course should be set to avoid crowding at turning marks. Courses should be set to avoid boats crossing each other or approaching the same mark from a different direction. The RO shall operate alone in the race hut or with members of their family group. If non-family group assistance is used, they shall remain outside the hut and maintain government social distancing requirements.

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