We are planning to start club dinghy racing on Good Friday 2nd April, social sailing can start from 29th March. The Social distancing rules will apply to all activities in the Birdcage, on the Racks while rigging, launching and recovering boats. Groups MUST NOT exceed 6 persons and not more than two families in any group.

The racing will be carried out following the same rules as we used during 2020, courses set will only use marks North of the Ray channel and races will only be carried out when the wind is F4 (20mph) or less. Helms are reminded that we expect that behavior on the water is to be conservative such that increased distance between boats is maintained particularly during starts and at the first mark of the course where bunching often occurs.

A copy of the final LSC / EYC Sailing Programme for 2021 can be found on the club website. Rick Bakewell for the support boat rota and myself for the Race Officer rota have simply thrown names at the duties that needed to be filled, both he and I have already taken a number of duties.

We would ask you to look at the rotas and any duties allocated to you. If there are dates that you know now that you will NOT be available, can you let Rick and myself know and we will try to reallocate duties to suit your availability. As the season goes on and you find that you can not fill a duty we are asking that YOU find someone to fill your duty – hopefully you will not simply turn up or dump the problem with Rick or myself.

If you are not allocated a duty and can help as the assistant RO or as the second person in the support boat – please let the member with the main duty know so we know when to expect a helper. Extra help will be needed for the Solo Open weekend, the GP14 Open, The Solo Club Championship, Old Leigh Regatta weekends plus other busy weekends.

Hope to see most of you at some time at the club during 2021.

Steve Corbet #SailingSecretary

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