Dear Member,

With the sun and warm weather, I know that there is a temptation to use your boats and relieve some boredom.

I would like to remind you that while we are still in lockdown, the club, birdcage and racks are closed.

The current lockdown regulations state that you "must stay at home", and only leave your home for a number of permitted essential reasons, which includes "exercise". However, boating from a private facility and performing routine maintenance of a boat are NOT included in the list of permitted exemptions. RYA COVID guidance states that club members should only be visiting the club site to check their boat and to carry out any "critical and essential" maintenance work only.Covid restrictions reminder The committee has been informed that members have been using the racks to launch boats and have been photographed doing so. If this situation was to continue unchecked, it would lead to further members attending the club (on the basis that ‘others are getting away with it’) to ‘go for a sail’ especially as the weather improves.

Therefore, I would like to remind ALL members that they are not permitted to sail their boats from club racks and ask them to comply with the Government regulations.

Members not complying with the regulations are not only risking a visit by the Police and receiving a personal fine, but such actions could potentially place the club itself at risk of prosecution.

As a club, we must be seen to comply with the law.

Please do not place the club and its Committee members in such a position.


Steve Hill Commodore

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