A very happy Christmas from Leigh Sailing Club to all our members. One thing we are able to do in these restrained holidays sail a boat! We can also plan our sailing season, and committee have been busy putting CCS dates in the calendar as you may have noticed, and these will soon be followed by the racing calendar for the 2021 season.

Reflecting on a difficult year, sailing was one of the highlights, with some good weather, some racing and some cruising, we were able to enjoy getting onto the water whilst restricted in so many other ways. Despite only a short period of the clubhouse being open and no gatherings, new members have joined us keen to sail, and we can all look forward to meeting them in the coming summer sailing days, or if you can’t wait until then join the e-sailing competition. In the short window we had, Tim and his team made a strong start on the East rack repair so once it is possible to put in a few more days work we will have a slipway back in action.

Although missing the Brass Monkey and our Christmas day opening will be keenly felt, the safety and health of our membership is really important. We need everyone strong and fit for the coming season so we can look forward to full fleets out on the estuary! Warm wishes to all, and farewell to 2020!

Ainslie Masterton