Following the government announcements of September 9th, the club has reviewed our policies to ensure that we continue to comply with and be seen to comply with these laws.  Please note the following changes and updates:

Balcony; a maximum of six people are to use the chairs on the balcony. No one shall stand on the balcony except those walking through to the stairs.

Lower Balcony; a maximum of six people.

Birdcage seating; a maximum of two groups, each having no more than six people.  The groups are to be obviously separated.  Please remain seated to avoid unintentional mingling.

Bar inside seating; our current policy is compliant with the updated requirements.

Casual sailing; no more than six people shall meet for casual sailing. If there is more than one six-person group on the racks, please ensure that obvious distance is maintained between the groups, e.g. greater than 5m meters.

Racing; organised sport is permitted and thus racing can continue at this time.  Our current risk assessment is compatible with the updated laws but on-shore, please pay particular attention to avoiding being in a position that could be construed as a constituting a group of seven or more.

Please continue to maintain vigilance with hygiene measures and social distancing. If you are talking to another non family-group member remember to be at least 1 meters apart and preferably 2 meters.