Good news for those of you that sail single handed boats or who sail with a member of your own family – Leigh on Sea SC and Essex YC will, weather permitting, be starting dinghy racing on Saturday 3rd and Sun 4th July, still no racing or sailing if you cannot socially distance in your boat from a non-family crew.

First- you MUST read and follow the risk assessment ‘COVID 19 guidance as published on the LSC website under the “Independent Sailing” page’. Please note that the clubhouse remains closed.

The policies we are adopting is that racing will only take place when the wind is Force 4 or less (approx. 18mph); we will be using normal club courses but restricted to those courses with marks on the North side of The Ray channel.

We are allowed hold races with up to 30 boats.

The starting sequences will be modified as follows for ALL races at weekends and Evening Series:

• Start 1 Solo Class – as published in the 2020 programme
• Start 2 Handicap Class (fast, medium and slow) 10 mins after start 1

If there are two races scheduled on a day the time between the starts for the second races will be 5 minutes.

To allow as many of the SOLOS and others not restricted to go racing I will take the Race Officer duties for the first few weeks in July from Sat 18th July I would like to revert to the revised Rota as published earlier this year and available here.  Revised Sailing Instructions can be found on the same page; please note the rule changes.

If the weather this weekend allows us to race the start times are as follows, forecast for both days is F5 to 7!!:

• Sat 3rd
o Summer 1 Solo – 11:30 LSC (SteveC)
o Summer 1 Handicap – 11:40 LSC (SteveC)
o Summer 2 Solo approx. 12:45 LSC (SteveC)
o Summer 2 Handicap approx. 12:50 LSC (SteveC)
• Sun 4th
o Turnidge River Race – 12:30 LSC (SteveC)

I hope to see lots of you on the water this weekend but being realistic racing is at best a 50;50 possibility

Regards Steve Corbet