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On Friday 20-07-2018
Dinghy: Evening 8

HW: 19:09 HT: 5.30 Start Line: EYC
All Start: 18:30
On Saturday 21-07-2018
Cruiser: CCS Blackwater Race (org by EYC) September

HW: 07:54 HT: 5.15 Start Line: TBA
Note that the bar is normally open
Friday 8-11 & Sunday 12-4
unless otherwise stated.

HW: 13:42 HT: 5.56

Start Line: LSC

All-in Starts: 12:30

A few marks to round before racing to the BYC finish line on the south shore east of the BYC. We normally tie up on the pontoon or the slipway have a beer before sailing back on the ebb tide. Biggest problems are going aground if it is a beat up the creek or the wind dying and not getting to the finish.

Enjoy the race it is a bit of fun.

Steve Corbet - Sailing Sec

Solo Class Eastern Area Championship
Sponsored by Mighty Oak Brewery
At Leigh on Sea SC - Saturday 24th June 2017

Solo Open 2017

It was a bright sunny Saturday morning when the first of 28 Solos arrived at Leigh on Sea SC for the “Mighty Oak” Eastern Area Championships, a moderate breeze from the south west was blowing; all that was missing was water! The usual Leigh mud flats were much in evidence beyond the small sandy beach, but as the racers rigged and enjoyed the tea/ coffee and bacon rolls the tide quickly covered the mud to allow the race team to get afloat with the marks to lay the course for race 1.

Solo Open 2017

After a short spell with the AP flying while the marks were juggled to get them in the best positions. As time was short for three races before the tide would leave the mud exposed again, to persuade the fleet to stay behind the start line the RO used ‘I’ for this and subsequent starts, this was successful and the First Sub was not needed to call a General Recall. At the start of race 1, 5300 Doug Latta managed to creep over the line early and was asked to return around the Committee boat end of the line. Ewan Birkin-Walls, 5738, quickly moved to the front of the fleet, behind him Andrew Boyce filled second place, with Steve Ede in third at the end of the first round. The wind had strengthen to a steady 24 knots which gave several racers problems at the gybe mark, a number found that they were having a spell of inspection of their centreboards and the bottom of the boat. At the end of the third round the RO flew ‘S’, Ewan maintained his first place followed by Mathew Frary in second having worked up from 6th at the first round and Steve Ede in third.

Solo Open 2017

A quick turn round was planned for race 2, but 2 mins into the start sequence a squall caused the Committee boat to drag anchor, a quick decision was made to stop the sequence and to reposition the CB and the start line. Another ‘I’ flag start saw the fleet away cleanly, Vince Horey took the lead with Ewan Birmingham-Walls chasing him in second these positions remained until the hooter at the end of three rounds. Third place was a tussle between Steve Ede and Mathew Frary with Mathew getting the 3rd place.

Solo Open 2017

The fresh wind was reducing the fleet, with only 22 of the original 28 stating the last race. Ewan moved to the front and established a good lead which he held for all three rounds, Mathew Frary finished in second after working through the fleet from his first round position of sixth. Steve Ede finished the series with a third place ahead of Andrew Wilson.

Solo Open 2017

Overall the Championship was won by Ewan Birkin-Walls, Vince Horay was second and Mathew Frary was third. Jonny Wells from Essex YC was the first sailing a boat with a sail number under 4000, Nick Hann with the oldest boat in the fleet was the first Leigh on Sea SC boat.

Solo Open 2017

Steve Corbet - Sailing Sec and event RO

Photographs are by Dave Smith

Please see the Middle Deep Chart attached which will have a bearing on this weekend’s Blackwater race. In particular there are changes to Buoyage names & positions and club members may not have the most recent chart plotter updates loaded.

Captain Ted.


High Water Southend 06-18 Ht. 5.1 mts.

07-30 Start between the committee boat and the Leigh Bouy.

‘Eostre’ will be the committee boat and Captain Ted will be the race officer. The committee boat will use VHF Ch 72

Start Course. Shoebury Boom Outer Beacon (P). Blacktail Spit (P). Maplin (P). Maplin Approach(P). Swin Spitway (P). Wallet Spitway (P). Knoll (P). Eagle (S). Colne Bar (S). Finish. (Approx 36 miles)

Dinner at the Colne Yacht Club on Saturday - If you haven't already booked then contact Ian Burtonshaw asap.

The club is running a Solo Open Meeting and Eastern Area Championship on Saturday 24th June 2017.

Entries before the 24th June would be very welcome to help us with planning for the event.


Club members are requested that they DO NOT park their cars on the Prom on Saturday 24th June to allow maximum space for visiting boats attending the Championship.

Thank You for you Co-operation

Steve Corbet (Sailing Secretary)

World Sailing have released Apple and Android apps for the racing rules:


For those that are interested, the 2017 version of the racing rules can be found on the World Sailing website.  The RYA have published a summary in a guidance document which is attached, see page 18.

Download this file (RYA Racing Rules Guidance Book - 12 16.pdf)RYA Rules Guidance[ ]2407 kB