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Super sailing last weekend, and what fantastic weather. A very foggy and slow start on Saturday, but the skies cleared and the wind picked up just enough after noon to get some movement out of the boats. Clear blue skies, hot weather and a perfect amount of wind for training on Sunday. Unfortunately the beautiful weather also brings down the visitors to "our" beach, which meant that we weren't really able to swap people around the boats, due to having no space left on the beach.

We had so many of you come down that I lost count of all the people that were there, but well done to all and no incidents to report. It was great to see Niki, Lisa and Matt handling the club boats on their own. Especially as it was only just over a week ago that Niki took her first trip out in a sailing dinghy! Amazing. We have been very fortunate with very light winds so far for our beginners. It won't always be like that!

Paul Knight (Enterprise Class Secretary)