As some of you may be aware, the Commodore of EYC and I have been working along with the Interclub Committee to highlight the problem of PWC’s speeding close to the beach where swimmers, kayakers and paddle boarders are all using the water.  

So far we have had a positive response from SBC, our Local MP, and Leigh Town Council but we still need to keep the pressure up to make sure the bit of water that we use is safe for everyone.
I have copied a response that we have received from Paul Gilson.

"I am pleased to say my meeting with the Essex Police commissioner and Chief inspector Hughs went very well yesterday.
Good news today they will be commissioning another police PWC, that will make it two. They hope to work together at the various hot spots around the county and there are many.
What they have requested from us is information, many claim they have reported the incidents they have witnessed. In fact it appears that many do not report and they do not have the levels of information that we think they have. The police act on the level of incident figures and we need to report every time. Even if its multiple times of the same incident, when its report you will get an incident number.
They have asked me to be the hub for those reported incident numbers.(This is to insure that the incidents are reported).
You as a club or the individual/members pass the details of the incident and the incident number provided by the police to my council email address. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
So life at risk, 999, dangerous and anti social acts 101 and you can also report it on line but its the incident numbers is what we need to see. This is not a Coastguard matter, it is a police matter."

To this end, there will be a blank proforma letter on the web site to allow members to report any incidents to Councillor Gilson.
Many thanks