With the birdcage rearranged there is now plenty more space outside on three levels: birdcage, BBQ landing, and balcony, extending the number of members who can visit. To make the most of it Sunday opening begins this week. The bar system is working well so far, people telling us they feel safe and that the bottled beer is just as good as the draught. Is it true? Come and give us your view! The Shlott booking system is easy to use, though some members have arrived without bookings and bar staff have booked then in on arrival, so far no-one has been turned away. This success means we can look forward to seeing more members enjoying the club now we have Sunday opening from August 2nd and more space to socialise outside. 

One other change: in addition to bar opening times, club toilets are available to be used before/ after sailing on the understanding that users clean and leave facilities a they find them. Spray has been made available. 

A big thank you to all who helped rearrange the birdcage!