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On Friday 27-09-2019
Friday Is New Members Night
On Saturday 28-09-2019
: Peter Cotgrove Trophy Race

HW: 12:50 HT: 5.90
On Sunday 29-09-2019
Dinghy: Interclub team races

HW: 13:34 HT: 6.10 Start Line: TEYC
All Start: 12:30

Vintage Solo Championship (3 races), start 11:30

Enterprise East Coast Area Championship (races 1 & 2), start 11:30

Vintage Solos are boats which are 20 years old or older with a registered hull number of 4201.

The Enterprise East Coast Area Championship is leg 3 of the Sailing Chandlery National Circuit, races 3 & 4 will be sailed on Sunday 19th May.

Advance entries can be sent to the Sailing Secretary, Steve Corbet This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For accommodation see the LSC Accommodation list.

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