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On Friday 25-05-2018
Friday Is New Members Night
On Saturday 26-05-2018
Cruiser: Chatham Marina

HW: 11:14 HT: 5.48 Start Line: TBA
On Saturday 26-05-2018
Dinghy: Spring Bank Holiday Series 1 & 2

HW: 11:10 HT: 5.50 Start Line: LSC
All Start: 09:50
On Sunday 27-05-2018
Dinghy: Spring Bank Holiday Series 3 & 4

HW: 12:02 HT: 5.80 Start Line: EYC
All Start: 10:35
On Monday 28-05-2018
Cruiser: Bank Holiday
Hosted by Mike McLaughlin
HW: 12:47 HT: 5.6 Start Line: TBC
On Monday 28-05-2018
Dinghy: Spring Bank Holiday Series 5 & 6

HW: 12:45 HT: 5.60 Start Line: EYC
All Start: 11:30
Quiz Night

Dear All,

Wishing you a Happy New Year, and a prosperous and healthy 2018.

The LSC Solo Class will be holding its AGM on 11th February 2018. Start time 1100 hrs in the LSC Upper Saloon.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss any matters relevant in the year ahead.

So, if you can give some thought to topics that you would like raised, these will be included in the Agenda. Please email me with your considerations by 31st January 2018.

One point for consideration is the election of a new LSC Solo Class Captain. After three years I will be stepping down in order for somebody else to take over with fresh ideas.

Happy Sailing


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