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On Friday 29-06-2018
Friday Is New Members Night
On Friday 29-06-2018
Cruiser: BYC Nore Race Prizegiving
Starts 8pm
Start Line: n/a
On Saturday 30-06-2018
Dinghy: Summer 2 & 3 - EOD Champs

HW: 14:48 HT: 5.60 Start Line: LC
Med & Slow: 13:35 Fast: 13:40 EOD: TBC (EYC)
On Saturday 30-06-2018
Club Tropicana LSC Summer Party Saturday 30th June 2018
On Sunday 01-07-2018
Dinghy: Summer 4 (EYC Commodores Cruise)

HW: 15:22 HT: 5.50 Start Line: EYC
Med & Slow: 14:00
Note that the bar is normally open
Friday 8-11 & Sunday 12-4
unless otherwise stated.

On Sunday 17th December the Leigh on Sea Sailing Club held their season ending Brass Monkey Race. Twenty eight boats from a number of sailing clubs entered for the race however, the competitors were initially confronted with thick fog, the race officer having to postpone the start to wait for the visibility to improve.

Once it was deemed clear enough the course was laid and in very light airs the start sequence was initiated. Quite a few of the competitors were too eager to get away and crossed the line before the starting gun meaning there had to be a general recall.

At the second time of asking the race was successfully started and in the light airs tactics played a big part in the outcome of the race. Those sailors who stayed inshore definitely came out best on the long first beat. As the breeze eventually picked up the temperature started to drop and the Brass Monkey race lived up to its' name. After two rounds of the course for the medium and slow boats, three for the faster ones and nearly two hours on the water most thoughts had turned to a hot shower and something to warm the insides.

Race result:

  • 1st Will Taylor EYC
  • 2nd Mike Iszatt King George SC
  • 3rd John Charles LSC
  • 4th Nick Veitch EYC
  • 5th Rob Tothill LSC
  • 6th Michael Marriot EYC

If, living by the sea as you do, you think you would like to know a bit more about sailing please feel free to come and have a chat with the members of the Leigh Sailing Club (situated in the old station building in the heart of the Old Town). The club is generally open on Friday evenings and Sunday lunchtimes.

By Tim Wright